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Cheerleading Lessons at Utropolis Marketplace (Glenmarie), Malaysia

By Cheer Aspirations PLT
Cheerleading Lessons at Utropolis Marketplace (Glenmarie), Malaysia
Price : RM 90 per Month
About the class

Class level : Intermediate .

Age requirement : 12 years and above .

Number of lessons : 4 lessons for each Month .

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What You'll Learn

Learn to CHEER, STUNT, TUMBLE and DANCE in a FUN, SAFE and POSITIVE environment!

Our cheerleading lessons teach COORDINATION, AGILITY and MUSICALITY. Competitions and performances are encouraged to build SELF CONFIDENCE, COMMITMENT and DISCIPLINE. Coaches are trained and qualified to ensure the SAFEST environment and PROGRESSIONS so students can have FUN cheering SAFELY!




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Reviews and Ratings on Cheer Aspirations PLT

Emma Sng
15 Jun 2016
"Cheerleading is a sport requiring strength, endurance and commitment. Practice involves stunting, cheering, jumping, gymnastics and conditioning! We have the most reliable Cheer Aspirations coaches who are always by our side ensuring that we are safe. In cheerleading, we not only create a special bond with our teammates but our relationship lasts for a life time."
Lim Zhi May
15 Jun 2016
"Cheerleading has definitely improved our mental and physical strength. Our practices start with an orderly practice plan that our Cheer Aspirations coaches have set in advance. We follow the plan under the close supervision of our dedicated coaches. They patiently correct our techniques to ensure that we are safe and improve quickly. Our amazing coaches also continuously give advice and motivation to perfect our stunts and execute it flawlessly. "
Valerie Yoong
15 Jun 2016
"Ever since I joined cheerleading, I was under CA and the coaches that we had were definitely a fun bunch! We were able to chat comfortably with them and share our opinions with them. We were able to bond with each other and know each other very well too. Throughout my cheerleading years and experience, being coached under CA coaches and also being able to be involved in their whole cheerleading programme enabled me to be a more matured and organised person. I was not only taught cheerleading skills, tumbling skills, but most importantly, I definitely had the most amazing opportunity to learn various life skills and experiences from the coaches too. Cheerleading trainings may be tough, but I am glad to say that every single training always ended being a fruitful and meaningful one compared to other usual sport trainings."
Cassandra Yang Ying Li
15 Jun 2016
"This year marks my 6th year cheering under Cheer Aspirations and I believe that this experience has made me grown into a better person. I look forward to every cheer lesson because it is a time when I can enjoy myself with my teammates and learn many new skills from my coaches. The coaches guide me through the whole process of getting my skills patiently and always encourage me to be optimistic. Because of their support, I was able to achieve many skills with my team. I’m very thankful to be cheering under CA as I know that I wouldn’t be able to get this experience elsewhere. "
Yong Yu Shawn
15 Jun 2016
"Cheerleading has taught me some of the most important things in life. I've learnt about responsibility. In practice, we have to be responsible in playing our part whether as a base or a flyer, fulfil the tasks given by coaches within the time given and attend every single practice. Besides that, cheer has taught me to have the determination not to give up easily so that I will succeed. Most importantly, I've learnt teamwork. Without teamwork, we would not have been able to accomplish a beautiful cheerleading routine! Thanks to the coaches from Cheer Aspirations who taught me these things. The coaches are very patient and kind. They do their best for us and I really have no idea what I would do without them. "

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