Adult Mandarin ..

Adult Mandarin Group Classes in Sri Hartamas @ MyTeacher

By MyTeacher Languages
Adult Mandarin Group Classes in Sri Hartamas @ MyTeacher
Price : RM 500 per Package
About the class

Class level : All Levels .

Age requirement : All Ages .

Number of lessons : 10 lessons for each Package .

Fee Includes
  • 10 classes of 2 hours each
  • excl materials 
  • audio files for extra practice

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What You'll Learn

  • efficient grammar 
  • wide range of vocabulary 
  • sentence structure 
  • writing
  • reading
  • speaking



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Reviews and Ratings on MyTeacher Languages

Thaneesha Raveendrakumar
01 Nov 2016
"When I decided to sign up for Spanish, I did not realise that I would be able to speak or at least hold a conversation with someone after 48 hours of class. This may be attributed to the fact that I had such a wonderful and patient teacher, Señorita Adriana. She truly is a wonderful teacher who is extremely dedicated and goes out of her way to ensure everyone is learning at the same rate, and pushes you to be the best you can be. Truly, I am grateful for her. The course is also designed in a way that makes it very easy and convenient for the students to pick up the language. "
01 Nov 2016
"French classes with Daniel helped me improve my French communication and writing skills tremendously. Because of him, I advanced higher and maintained my French grades. I also struggled less in my French lessons in college because he had already taught me before. In addition, he is a patient man who ensures all his students perform their very best and teaches based on what you need. So, if you want to learn French or any other languages in the centre quickly and gain confidence in learning a new language, check out the centre because without them, I would had still struggled in learning a new language. "
01 Nov 2016
"Mr. Daniel is an excellent teacher as he makes sure to always gauge your level of language comprehension before the class starts and at the ends in order to determine whether you are in pace with the class materials. This method has helped me a lot and it itself has showed myself on how much I have improved and also allowed me to link the gaps in my understanding moreover, he also gives excellent reinforcement work to make sure we are always up to par with the best of our French abilities. "
Neesa Sodirman
01 Nov 2016
"Hi Daniel, I joined Mandarin class since January and ongoing until now. My understanding and knowledge improved a lot! And now I started to write which allows me to recognize a lot of Chinese characters. It is simply amazing whereby my language skills in Mandarin improved greatly whereby my Chinese friends are actually impressed with the improvement I made to the point they are actually scared of me because I understand what they are saying despite being Malay and just started learning Mandarin early this year. Made my journey to Hong Kong and nearby China borders there, even though they speak Cantonese but they are still able to guess what I wanted in Mandarin so I feel relieved a lot. "
Mike Hiong
01 Nov 2016
"At MyTeacher Languages, learning french is made simple and fun! The class is small and interactive and it is incorporated with many interesting learning tools such as videos, audios, story telling and even the upcoming school trip to France! Unlike other language school which is only emphasizing on academics and passing the examination, MyTeacher has a different approach to boost confidence among students to take learning to a higher level! The french manual (a copyright of Mr Daniel Kermovant) is the only guide you need to learn french quick, simple and effective! Kudos to MyTeacher Language School."

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