Grade School Gy..

Grade School Gymnastics In Kota Damansara

By The Little Gym Kota Damansara
Grade School Gymnastics In Kota Damansara
Price : RM 260 per Month
About the class

Class level : All Levels .

Age requirement : 6 to 12 years old .

Number of lessons : 4 lessons for each Month .

Fee Includes
  • 4 sessions per month
  • Class length is 60 minutes per session
  • Practice time is 45 minutes per session (booking is required)
  • Fees exclude 6 % GST and annual membership fee RM 160 (per family)

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What You'll Learn

Gymnastics classes for grade school kids are segmented to allow for specific disciplines and varying developmental abilities, giving students the chance to tackle new challenges at their own skill level. 

  • FLIPS (6-12 years - BEGINNER)

Beginner Flips classes will allow your child to learn at own pace. They will learn specific techniques that will improve balance, coordination and agility. With a solid foundation of gymnastic skills, they will confidently transition from "I'm-not-so-sure-about-this" to "Of-course-I-can-do-it!"

  • TWISTERS (6-12 years - INTERMEDIATE)

Twisters build off of their existing gymnastics knowledge to develop new skills. The natural progression helps gymnasts build strength and endurance, conditioning them for more advanced skills down the road.


This advanced class focusses on body control, finesse, and poise as they execute some impressive feats. Gymnasts continue to improve their general fitness and over-all athleticism, building strength for more complex skills, such as an Aerial.

  • JETS (6-12 years - ADVANCED)

Jets classes focus on skill perfection and more complex rountines, all while building tea camaraderie and cheering each other on.

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