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Parent / Child Classes in Kota Damansara

By The Little Gym Kota Damansara
Parent / Child Classes in Kota Damansara
Price : RM 260 per Month
About the class

Class level : Beginner .

Age requirement : 10 months to 3 years old .

Number of lessons : 4 lessons for each Month .

Fee Includes
  • 4 sessions per month
  • Class length is 45 minutes per session
  • Practice time is 30 minutes per session (booking is required)
  • Fees exclude 6 % GST and annual membership fee RM 160 (per family)



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What You'll Learn

From infant to toddler, these classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child's critical first three years.

In every Learning Unit, you and your child will celebrate each discovery together with smiles, hugs and the occasional adult-sized giggle.

Class length is 45 minutes,. Practice Time (PT) sessions are 30 minutes (booking is required). 

  • BIRDS (10-19 months)

It's one small step for your little one, one giant leap towards the rest of both your lives. As your child ecomes vertical, a wobbly world of wonder is revealed. Now your child is on the move, climbing and investigating in sight. The Little Gym provides a unique environment to meet other new explorers, build strength and develop coordination.

  • BEASTS (19 months to 2.5 years)

Embrace your little one's independence in an environment where your child can climb, roam, and safely explore. Structured lessons will provide opportunities to try new and wondrous feats while learning to take tutrns, share, and socialize. 

  • SUPER BEASTS (2.5 to 3 years)

Our Super Beast Classes are structured to suit your toddler's newfound independence. Each week, your child will practice physical skills while focusing on listening and taking directions. Each new lesson in an important step as you both prepare for the next bid stage: Classes without parents.

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