Baby Champ Prog..

Baby Champ Programme for 2 - 3 Year Old in Petaling Jaya

By English Champ
Baby Champ Programme for 2 - 3 Year Old in Petaling Jaya
Price : RM 400 per Package
About the class

Class level : All Levels .

Age requirement : 2-3 years old .

Number of lessons : 10 lessons for each Package .

Fee Includes

Package fees above are for 10 lessons only (1 hour /lesson, 1 lesson /week). 

For first-time registration, a one-time charges will be applied as below.

  • Registration fee: RM 60
  • Deposit : RM 160 (refundable)

All students are subject to a RM60/per annum charges for materials used in lessons.



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What You'll Learn

Children Learn through play, positive interaction with friends and educators, engaging in circle time, and fun motor skill activities.

  • Focus in Baby Champ
  • Persistence in approaching tasks
  • Sorts and classifies, compares and measures
  • Recognises colours and shapes
  • Identifies numerals
  • Using one-to-one correspondence
  • Recognises and identifies own name
  • Takes on pretend roles and situations
  • Awareness of positional words

Besides exposing children to reading, speaking and listening skills in English, our focus in Baby Champ is for them to achieve the cognitive milestones.

We develop your child's cognitive skills through music and movement, role-playing, circle time and art and craft activities.

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