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Triathlon Swim Squad in Petaling Jaya

By mySwim Coaching
Triathlon Swim Squad in Petaling Jaya
Price : RM 500 per Package
About the class

Class level : All Levels .

Age requirement : 18-80 .

Number of lessons : 10 lessons for each Package .

Fee Includes
  • Pool: PJ Palms Sports Centre
  • Excluded pool rental RM18/session.

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What You'll Learn

What is Swim Squad
The concept of swim squad is where swimmers swim in a group of their level. Wheather you are a beginner who wish to improve your technique or a competitive triathlete who's eager to push yourself for a better time, the squad is here to keep you going!

Who is this for
This session is designed for adults Triathletes & Open Water Swimmers from beginner to advance level.



Tuesday | 7.30am (Morning)

Pure Technique / Technique Endurance​

Tuesday | 8pm (Night)

CSS / Endurance Development​

Wednesday | 8pm (Night)

Pure Technique / Technique Endurance​

Thursday | 6.30am (Morning)

CSS / Endurance Development​

Saturday | 7am (Morning)

Pure Technique / Technique Endurance​

Sunday | 7am (Morning)

CSS / Endurance Development


How are the sessions run?

We have different types of sessions to ensure balance in your swim performance. The squad sessions cover:​​

Pure Technique

Focuses on your technique development to improve your efficiency in the water.​

Technique Endurance

Incorporates drills & aerobic endurance to maintain a good technique for a longer swim.​

Red Mist Hard Endurance

Challenges your mental and physical strength to endure race conditions. ​

Critical Swim Speed (CSS) / Endurance Development

Builds your threshold pace, pacing skill and swim fitness to develop your maximum sustainable speed for long distance races.

Open Water Skills

Polishes your open water skills such as sighting, drafting, turning at buoys, etc.

Next Available Class

  • Recurring sessions available on every Tuesday From 7:30 am To 8:45 am.
  • Recurring sessions available on every Tuesday,Wednesday From 8:00 pm To 9:15 pm.
  • Recurring sessions available on every Sunday From 7:00 am To 8:15 am.

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Reviews and Ratings on mySwim Coaching

Eukki Lim
04 May 2016
""Thanks for your patience to guide me how to Swim, so that I can passed my diving confine swimming exam after attend five class. Really appreciate to extend more class for me to guide me swim more correctly. Thanks Shauqie!"
Sharifah Fardilla
04 May 2016
"I started taking lessons with mySwim (shauqie) a few months ago. I am in my late 30s, knew nothing about swimming and was especially nervous around deep water. Shauqie has been an excellent coach, incredibly patient and always professional. With his help, I have achieved what I though would be almost impossible – I am swimming and improving my strokes day by day! His passion and enthusiasm in swimming is definitely infectious. His positive approach has proved to me that it is never too late to learn how to swim. It is now my favourite form of workout so a BIG THANK YOU to Shauqie and mySwim!"
Wendy Lee, London (Mother)
04 May 2016
"Amazing to be coached by Shauqie in London this afternoon. Really helped to correct our technique. Thank you so much!"
Veron Uhen / Khoo Sher Li, Triathlete
04 May 2016
""Thank you Shauqie Aziz for coaching Sher in her swim. Within a mere 2.5 months, you transformed an aquaphobic who couldn't float to a competitor in the Half Ironman Putrajaya yesterday!And we are talking open water swimming here, where the lake visibility is poor and the route seemed endless! Although Sher swam short of 300m after cut off time, it was still an amazing 1.6km that she managed to cover in a challenging environment! She wouldn't have been able to face her biggest fear without your support, moving forward it's about getting better and better for more races to come!""
Lynn Guan, Triathlete - World Championship Competitor
04 May 2016
"Thanks coach Shauqie Aziz for all the guidance and training sessions. With the stroke corrections and group swim sessions I could really see my swim had improved. The most important was I no longer had shoulder and wrist pained after swim training besides the soreness from intensive drills sessions. I am glad that I did a pb of 1.9km in 46:24 in the recent Ironman70.3 Putrajaya and won a slot to the World championship ironman 70.3 in Austria. Do hope to continue to improve and prepare better for the championship in August."

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