About AOne

We believe "Anyone Can Teach, Everyone Can Learn".

AOne is one of the leading ONLINE marketplaces for OFFLINE lessons in Southeast Asia. The types of lessons include home tutoring, sports, music and dance, martial arts, art and design, technology and personal development.

On top of that, AOne also serves as an online directory for learning centers in your region. No matter it is a tuition center, swimming school, bakery and culinary academy, dance studio, MMA gym, home-based teaching groups, you can find it on our platform!

No matter who you are, we believe that you have a skill that you can share with others, and at the same time you might also wish to gain some new knowledge from another.

We love to connect anyone who wishes to teach and anyone with a desire to learn.

About Baby Darren

Is Baby Darren Cute?

Baby Darren is our company mascot which is illustrated in different actions, representing diverse types of lessons that we offer on our online skill marketplace.

Now our Baby Darren is even featured in various mobile game apps on both Android and IOS platform. Download them today!

About The Co-Founders

Dr. Darren Gouk
(Co-founder and CEO)

Dr. Darren Gouk founded My Aone Tutor in September 2013, the first service of AOne in Malaysia. In the following months, he founded My Aone Piano and My Aone Swimmer. He is also the developer of mobile applications in both IOS and Android platform.

Being the first co-founder of AOne, Darren oversees the overall operation and business development of this venture.

If you wish to contact Darren, feel free to drop an email to darren@myaonelearning.com.

Tane Yoroshi Wahyunadi
(Co-founder and Chief Architect)

Tane Yoroshi is the chief architect for AOne. He believes that to produce high-quality software, we must strive to ensure that our code is maintainable, readable, tested, and adaptive to change.

In the past, he had experiences working with clients from Asia, Australia, and Europe.

If you wish to contact Tane Yoroshi, feel free to drop an email to taneyoroshi@myaonelearning.com.