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Berenang Itu Best - BIB Swimming

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

We do offer personal and group swimming classes at various locations.


Swimming is one of the best workout ever.

Our main objective here is to see more people in Malaysia able to swim Earth consists of more than 70% of liquid (water). Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by rivers, lakes and the sea. Why not you learn how to swim now so that you can enjoy the surrounding better and in meaningful ways. The only way you can enjoy and start doing an aquatic adventure is by swimming.


Swimming might be quite frustrating for the first few times trying, but take our words, it can be done! That's the reason why we start the swimming classes. Apart from being one of the best workout and sports ever, it is one of the best survival skill. Learn how to swim and master it is an added safety measures.


We specialize in giving affordable, private, fun and effective swimming lessons.


  • We're all qualified instructors Persatuan Renang Amatur Malaysia (ASUM) and Lifesaving Society Malaysia (LSSM).
  • We are passionate bunch of instructors who loves to swim and teaching
  • We always keep ourselves updated with the current development in swimming techniques, equipment and drills and will pass our knowledge to you
  • We teach you and stay with you in the pool
  • Flexible scheduling for private class
  • Continuous support even after you've completed course with us via our Online Community TEAM PROFILE
  1. Swim Schools International Swim Teacher Training Center
  2. LSSM Lifesaving Instructor
  3. ASUM Swimming Instructor
  4. LSSM Member
  5. Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor
  6. Scuba Professional
  7. Certified Freedivers
  8. AIDA International Judge


We are offering:

  • Swimming class for adults
  • Swimming class for kids
  • Water safety class for infants



  • Maximum numbers of student per group is 4. More focus on you
  • Proven method of teaching
  • Instructors have many years of experience dealing with students who are afraid of water
  • We are fun, passionate bunch of people and we want to be your friend
  • Flexible schedule
  • Female instructors available



Reviews and Ratings

Mohd Firdaus
15 Oct 2015
"Sesiapa yang mencari swim coach boleh la visit BIB & Diver. Alhamdulillah my timming improved train with them. Very supportive!! Thanks Guys"
Suzanne Tang
15 Oct 2015
"Hiya Coach! Just want to thank you again for correcting my strokes. I completed the PD Tri swim 1.5km in 42 minutes with minimal training because of the haze =)"