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Edenbridge Learning Centre

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Knowledge is the only gift that we can cherish forever, so let’s teach our future generation the way to use it.


"You cannot teach a man anything, 
you can only help him find it within him."

The true definition of learning lies within the words of the great Galileo, children are to be assisted in finding the knowledge within them with guidance and nurture, it should not be a process of blindly teaching the children to learn for the sake of assessments. We, in Edenbridge strive to not only teach but to guide and nurture our future generations into cherishing and practicing the knowledge that they have learnt in daily life. Let it be a simple way of doing trivial tasks or a complex methodology of solving intricate problems, Edenbridge helps students to assimilate the knowledge that they have learnt into daily life.

Our primary aim is to provide the younger generation with not only a pathway to a holistic learning but also nurture them to a better path. This half a decade old learning institution has been in the forefront on helping students acclimatized with the different facet of English, To achieve this, Edenbridge has substantiated an array of programmes which is designed to help students to grasp the language in a much exciting way.

The programmes in Edenbridge include:

1) IGCSE Homeschool Programme (Junior Secondary)

2) IGCSE Homeschool Programme (Senior Secondary)

3) Cambridge English as First Language 



Reviews and Ratings

Raga wei Wayne
03 Jul 2015
"A great place for children to learn English !"