Our Partners

Who can join?

  • Tuition centre
  • Day care centre
  • Kindergarten
  • Swimming school
  • Music academy
  • Baking and culinary academy
  • Dance studio
  • Muay Thai and MMA gym
  • Private group classes
  • Home-based teaching groups
  • College and University
and any learning groups and institution!

Why join us?

You Get Greater Reach and Guaranteed Online Presence

In the era of information technology, newspapers, radio, TV, billboards – nothing delivers learners with the speed, reach, and power of an online campaign. Do not worry anymore especially if you do not have a website for your business. Online market is there for you!

You Get Advertising that Actually Makes You Money

With our expertise in online marketing strategy, we promote your business through several channels to our learners’ community. This is our task to generate more leads for you. There is no upfront cost and we guarantee results. Your business gets the spotlight!

You Get All of Our Support

We help your business grow and thrive with a customized advice that guarantees new learners and brings them back again and again. Our learners are out to discover their new favourite lessons and they know that AOne is the best place for them.

We Earn Only When You Earn

Do not worry about spending bunch of money without getting a quality lead. We earn only when you get a successful student enrolment from us. Join us today!

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