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Absolute Music Studio (AMS)

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Absolute Music Studio is a 1 stop music school that provides Music Course


A music studio with full of music passionate teacher. A place that will gain knowledge,stage opportunities...Because we all music lovers!

Absolute Music Studio is a 1 stop music school that provides Music Course, Performances and Selling music instruments and Accessories.

Music courses:
1.) String - Violin / Cello (For Graded or Leisure)
2.) Piano (For Graded or Leisure)
3.) Guitar - Acoustic / Classical / Electric / Ukulele 
4.) Drum
5.) Pop vocal
6.) Theory group class
7.) Young children programme - Music Adventure for 4 - 7 years old

1.) Junior / Senior String Ensemble
2.) Live Band 
3.) Piano Ensemble
4.) Stage performance
5.) Studio Rental 

1.) Violin - brand new imported violin / used violin
2.) Piano - Brand new / recon piano
3.) Keyboard 
4.) Drum
5.) Guitars - Acoustic / Classical / Electric / Ukulele
6.) Music Accessories

We have all qualified, patient and professional teacher. Comfortable room for students and waiting area for parents. Responsible and friendly management. We care about student's progress, we give chances for students to perform on stage. We provide the complete syllabus and help the students to do their best in the exam...