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 Academia Cultural BAOBÁ Capoeira-Center Photo
Academia Cultural BAOBÁ Capoeira

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Bring Brazilian Culture to Malaysia through Capoeira


Here is the meaning of our Group's name:
The Africans were brought to Brazil as a slaves and it was a big number of them from various different tribes that even used to hate each other, but in Brazil they unite and brought with them the base of our culture today that was mixed with our Brazilian Natives.
And their language mixed with ours, also having some changes through out the time but we can find clearly this language mix in our language.
Then we found this name: BAOBA´ that is a name of a huge tree that has strong roots and trunk!
But that was not the only important thing about this tree they believed that this tree has magical powers that in our group is the passion that our family carries for capoeira, culture and for each other!!!
Here below is a picture that I really loved and I feel that it express what I meant before!
Love and Axé to all!