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A.L. Kindergarten-Center Photo
A.L. Kindergarten

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Education with appreciation produced outstanding students!


Our specialization;
*Appreciation approach
*Individualize child development
*Thematic approach
*Words recognizing approach
*Active learning in 
arts,science,IT etc,through play and special 
designed activities.
*Field trips for exposure,socialization,self 
esteem enhancement.
*Happy learning (free from examination,less 
*Care of environment
*Instill good moral value
*Close parent-school collaboration
*Yummy nutrition meal

Our Mission is to educate children through appreciation learning method that allows child to learn grow happily and be more confident.They will be tough enough in facing the challenges of life and achieving their dreams.
Appreciation makes good children to behave even better,but criticize will lead not well-behaved children least well-behaved.