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Ammonite Music School

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

We aim to provide a chance for every student to reach the pinnacle of their musical ability, to be able to shine on stage.


We focus on bringing out the best in every child, right from the moment he or she enrols in Ammonite Music. We will cultivate their love for music and nurture them through every stage.

The Junior Music Courses (JMC) will be a fun way to acquire basic skills in listening, singing  and playing. Of course, singing will be an integral part of the JMC group classes where students learn to listen to each other and play musical instruments. They will be exposed to different styles of music too.

JMC is just the beginning to bring out the full bloom of musical talent in each child. We envision even greater progress where the child moves on to achieve new heights in composing music, public performances and competitions.

Ammonite School is like a tree which never stop growing... Likewise, this tree aims to provide the best nutrients for aspiring young musicians. Every student will have a chance to take part in public performances and competitions to test their skills and see how far they can go. Such exposures also serve to improve their music techniques.