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AnandaMarga Spiritual Yoga & Mediation Puchong Center-Center Photo
AnandaMarga Spiritual Yoga & Mediation Puchong Center

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Guiding oneself to self-realisation & service to humanity


Situated in the beautiful district of Puchong Jaya (opposite of IOI MALL) since 10 years ago. 

Ananda Marga Yoga Puchong is a Spiritual Yoga & Meditation center that host weekly Yoga-Asana Class, FREE Meditation/Initiation Teaching and Regular Group Meditation in our beautiful space.

Ananda means Bliss and Marga means Path, The Path of Bliss.....

Our Mission & Vision is to guide humanity to Self Realisation & Service to Humanity through series teaching of spiritual and social theory by the founder Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii. 

Other than Yoga-Asana, meditation classes and spiritual philosophy, we also have local service program and camps for physical- mental wellness. 

All my energy, all my mind, all my thoughts, and all my deeds are to be goaded unto the path of the collective elevation of human society, without neglecting other living or inanimate entities, right from this moment until the last point of my living on this earth.