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Animated Mandarin Speed Learning

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这课程运用了动漫技术,将无趣的字卡,Flash Cards 动起来,通过动漫演示,进一步将汉字的音、义、形呈现出来。学生们不仅能听到标准的发音,也能达到 过目不忘 的 奇特功效。


  • 耳目一新的全速识字
  • 过目不忘的全速记忆
  • 空前突破的全速阅读
  • 终身受益的全脑思维
  • 功效奇特多媒体教学


Teachers make a difference in children's reading achievement and motivation to read. That's why every child deserves to have an excellent teacher in her or his classroom.

Excellent reading teachers 

  • understand how literacy develops in children
  • can assess progress and relate instruction to previous experience
  • know a variety of ways to teach reading
  • provide a range of materials and texts for children to read
  • Tailor instruction to individual students

Excellent reading teachers also motivate children, encourage independent learning, have high expectations for achievement, and help children who are having difficulty. They understand that reading development begins well before children enter school and continues throughout the school years and beyond !