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To give the child a lifelong interest that enriches their lives


We have existed as a private music studios since 1980. Having realised that a child's interest in music can become dull by following a system that consists of only examinations on graded theory papers and three pieces a year, we came up with a new teaching method called Specialist Music Training in 1998. 

Children that are enrolled for the course are enriched through exposures to various aspects of music making, such as history, aesthetics of sound, knowledge of repertoire, performing experiences, ensemble and orchestral playing. Most of these children start learning the piano at the age of 5, and a year later, we start them on an orchestral instrument as second study to enable them to play in the orchestra. 

They soon learn that music making is not about playing the right notes and passing examinations. It is the self-realisation of the relationship between individual, sound and the instrument. Even at a very young age, if a child chooses to take up music as a career and demonstrates exceptional musicianship, we will guide him/her through auditions to enter one of the four specialist schools in England. At these prestigious schools, their musical experience can be further built upon.