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Aravind Yoga

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Our Mission

We Provide Yoga, Medical Qigong, Yoga Workshop & Retreat, Yoga Alliance, Anusara Inspired, Tripsichore, Hatha, Vinyasa, Beginners Yoga, Iyengar Principles Programs


Energy, Balance, Harmony.

Aravind Yoga Studio KL @ Sri Hartamas is a cosy home studio with a personal touch. Our instructors are experienced, friendly and warm. Students will feel truly at home.

We offer a host of wellness programmes focusing on the Energy of Breath. Our classes cater for all ability levels, ranging from beginners to advanced levels. There are also specialized workshops conducted by highly reputable guest instructors.

We teach yoga in an array of approaches, yet always with a strong emphasis on breath, alignment, strength and balance. We offer classes for Alignment, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Tripsichore Yoga and Anusara Principles. 

Flyoga is an ideal exercise using a fabrick hammock for body support to make challenging yoga poses fun, achievable and less strenuous. 

Wellness Medical Qigong 
Therapeutic Qigong helps stimulate the flow of qi or life energy in the body to enhance overall well-being. Two of our Qigong instructors are practitioners of Therapeutic Qigong recognized by Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine (MSCM) and Jabatan Pengarah Kemahiran (JPK).



Reviews and Ratings

Jennifer Steed
03 Jul 2015
"KInd, generous, trust worthy people here. Can hardly wait to present to your community of great students. "