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Art Genius

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Create awareness and promote interest in art among the students of ALL AGES by developing a solid foundation of creativity and arts appreciation, through a wide range of art enrichment courses


In Art Genius, we believe every student should be guided according to their individual’s learning ability and perception level. Hence, they are given vast opportunities to express their ideas, imagination, emotions, observations and experiences during their learning process, which in turn also enable them to experience the joy of artistic expression.

With our conducive and unrestricted environment along with qualified teachers, it would be a perfect channel of expression for everyone of any ages. You never know, you might be surprised by how well people can express their emotions or experiences through art.


1. Provide children with many of their earliest learning experiences and shape the way they see the world, both as children and adults
2. Provide the ability to understand human experiences, be able to solve problems, and to communicate well
3. Develop creative and imaginative thinking
4. Provide the opportunity for self-expression and self-understanding
5. Develop aesthetic awareness and appreciation
6. Create understanding of the individuality of others
7. Aid adults in understanding and helping children
8. Improve physical coordination and technical skills
9. Generate fun and joy!



Reviews and Ratings

08 Apr 2016
"My daughter has improved her art skill a lot. She loves her class. The teachers are very patient. I would recommend art genius to my friends. "
Nisha Shalih
08 Apr 2016
"Superb place for children to enhance their creativity and to spend their time wisely "