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Art Melody Music Academy -Center Photo
Art Melody Music Academy

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves in providing the highest quality of music education to children and adults of all ages


Welcome to Art Melody Music Academy!

Course Available:
**Eastern Instrument**
~ Gu Zheng 古筝
~ Erhu 二胡
~ Dizi 笛子
~ Calabash Silk 葫芦丝
~ Pipa 琵琶
~ Yang Qin 扬琴

**Western Instrument**
~ Classical/ Pop Piano 
~ Classical/ Pop Guitar
~ Classical/ Pop Vocal 
~ Ukulele
~ Violin 
~ Cello 
~ Drum
~ Music Theory
~ Arts & Crafts 

We are providing excellent quality of teaching and comfortable environment for every student who wants to be outstanding musician and artist.