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Art Seeder Kids Club

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

By starting this program, we wish to keep reminding ourselves, and everyone around us to TO LOVE, and TO SHARE. Only with lov


Kids today are different!

With stresses from modern life, overuse or misuse of technology, such as television and computers, are our kids today having enough time to play and explore for growing and learning?

Let’s think about it, how could we distinguish the creative spark among our kids today?

Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf education systems, with getting a balance with local fast pace environment, we establish with a purpose. We would like to grow our kids with Art, implant the positive energy through their learning process, building creativity with great personality and kind moral character.

We offer variety of Art Program based on kids interest and age group. Among these, we bond strongly with our principle: think broadly, allow more creativity for a better life.

*We welcome orphanage or children home to contact us anytime if you wish to organize for any special activity or event. Just ring us a call, we will be doing our best to assist!