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ASA Day Care and Tuition Center - Ara Damansara-Center Photo
ASA Day Care and Tuition Center - Ara Damansara

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To plant the good seeds in every children and let the seeds grow within them.


We are your trusted education partner. We provide services on:
Daycare for primary student.(Tuition, H/W, Meals)
Tuition for KSSR
Tuition for PT3 & SPM

We determine the children nature talents and nurture them from young. Helping children in different stage of development just like our center name - ASA A STEP ABOVE.

OUR VISION : We want to be a place where Children are valued for their meaningful work; Children's learning and growth are seen as intertwined; Children's ability to wonder, explore and soar; Parents receive support in their child rearing roles; To create more teacher who are delight in being with children and share in their joys.