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Ashtanga Yoga Center

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

A method of personal development which existed long before any system of philosophy.


As the great Yogis in India say, “believe nothing that you cannot or do not experience for yourself”. 

The Ashtanga Yoga Center, tucked away in the lush greens of Damansara Heights, is dedicated to relieving one's mind and body of stress, in this high-speed world. A place of calm and peace, the center brings together people from all walks of life, to achieve the union of body, mind and soul.

The distinguished Yogacharini Florence Thomas (studied under Swami Gitananda of Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, India), has been teaching Yoga for nearly 35 years now and has been featured in various medias such as health television broadcasts, periodicals, magazines, and was also the New Straits Times columnist for `Yoga For You'. She also released her own publication "Yoga is Yoga" which is still selling in all major bookstores nationwide. 

Among the variety of activities offered include:

- Classical Yoga - Rishi Culture Ashtanga Yoga
- Meditation - Yoga Therapy for Sensory Control
- Yoga for Stress Relief - Yoga Based Stress Management Programme 
- Colon Cleansing - Yoga Purification Therapy (Shankaprakshalana)

Her daily classes encompasses of the following:-

Asanas - body control,
Prayanama - breath control, 
Dharana - concentration, and many others.

Classes are up to a maximum of 8 people only, so full attention is given to each student.