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Backstage Dance and Fitness Studio

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Getting fit should not be a chore. Combining elements of dance and fitness, we keep our workouts both fun and effective.


Want to see incredible results without having to spend your life at the gym? Backstage combines the best of all worlds, combining elements of dance and fitness to give you long, lean muscles and a very good feeling. The classes have been specially formulated to provide a selection of exciting and varied workouts which moves seamlessly through dance and exercise.
Launched in June 2012, Freida Francis created Backstage because she believes getting fit shouldn’t be a chore. In fact, her idea was to create a fitness space that is actually lots of fun. Freida has set up the classes in Backstage with the aim of combining her dance background with her fitness classes, making dance accessible to everyone. Freida’s experience as both a dancer and fitness instructor has inspired her to combine the two elements into a holistic approach to fitness. Wheter you’re an absolute dance beginner or a gym-junkie looking to jazz up your routines, Freida believes that Backstage has just the right classes for you.
The classes can help to improve flexibility, posture, strength and core stability, and to lengthen muscles. So hopefully you'll end up with a dancer’s physique, a flat stomach and learn some cool footwork too. Backstage is perfect if you are looking for a sociable fitness class that seriously works you out without taking itself too seriously.