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Yoga is becoming a lifestyle. But have you found a good, reliable place to learn Yoga? If you are learning Yoga, are you happy with what you’re taught and suspect that there is something amiss in your existing classes? Well, look no further. Beth’s Yoga is the solution. This center is located strategically in the large and new Putra Point business center in Putra Heights, Subang Jaya.

This spacious, beautiful and inspiring center is reserved just for you to enjoy Yoga and discover deeper dimensions of your body, mind and spirit. The heart warming and genuine atmosphere is much beyond what you might be experienced elsewhere. It will open your eyes and heart, not only extend your relationships with yourself and others, but also expand your perspectives in life. From relating to your body in a deeper manner, you’ll become somebody that you’ll truly be happy with.

You will also find many caring friends as our students will naturally form a close knitted network with each other. The easy atmosphere in our center makes strangers become instant good friends and supportive yoga mates, thus making ongoing sweaty yoga classes’ fun, worthy and vibrant. Your well-being, happiness and success in life are our only concern. Yoga is one way to achieve this, but more importantly is good genuine company that you will find from our center.