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Brain Champs Kindergarten & Childcare Centre-Center Photo
Brain Champs Kindergarten & Childcare Centre

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

A multi-lingual, fun learning Montessori kindergarten and childcare centre for 2 to 12 years old kids.


Kids Love Learning kindergarten & childcare centre is a place where children’s intellectual abilities and confidence grow hand-in-hand, where imagination and curiosity are cultivated, where they learn to respect all culture and all people, and where teachers genuinely care for them.

Our unique, comprehensive and balanced programme is created based on child development research, Dr. Maria Montessori’s method, and the Malaysia National School Syllabus. We aim to nurture intelligent, confident and sociable children for a smooth transition into Primary One, where a strong foundation is built, ready for further learning and challenges in the Primary school years.

Our curriculum comprises of Multi-sensory lessons and activities, to ensure optimal learning through play, exploration, discoveries, practices and experiences. Contact us to find out more about our programme and how you can give your child a head start in education and life.