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Brainy House

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Provide fun & interactive programs like Jelic Puzzle, Mandarin, Montessori, Ballet, Yoga, Arts & Crafts, Children Safety.


We are delighted that you are considering Brainy House's programs for your child.


Our center is dedicated to providing an environment in which children are encouraged to learn and achieve their true potential through our fun and interactive classes.  We recognize that each child is different and develop at his/her own pace. Our mission is to provide them with a loving and caring environment so that they are not afraid to explore and satisfy their inquisitive love of learning.


Our programs focus on providing a holistic learning experience for the child, mentally, physically and socially. Values such as self-discipline, respect and compassion for others and care of materials are part of our curriculum.  We believe that a child must not only be able to achieve and perform, but they must also be imparted skills for life-long learning, and values to become a responsible individual. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to focus on the individual needs of the child and yet encourage interaction between the children.


Brainy House has programs starting from 12 months of age, and we welcome you to visit our center. We hope to be able to work hand in hand with you to provide an enriching experience for your child.