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Brainy Parenting 亲子教育

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Our Mission

To be the most helpful friendly parenting support Fans page to our lovely parents.


Being a parent is the most important job there is. 

That's why it's so important for parents to be equipped for what's ahead.

It's about giving them the information, advice and skills they need to be great parents.

Brainy Parenting is a Fans Page for FREE parenting support & information. Parenting support makes a proven difference to family life and children’s outcomes, and our role in helping the parents is key. 

We support our Fans to be more effective by providing expertly tailored information about news and training, producing parenting events and resources, and by being a strong public voice on the importance of good parenting and the role of parenting support services.
Parenting programmes are about helping parents better understand their child's needs and behaviour. That way parents can do all they can to help their child develop and live a happy and healthy life.