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learners will be ready to engage in any genre of dance or martial arts.


The birth of a Brazilian cultured based dance studio

Arte É Vida Dance Studio is a newborn in Kuala Lumpur, and is the brainchild of two passionate professionals: Michelle Toh and Lilica Vargas. Michelle loves working with kids and is experienced in guiding them through their first dance steps; while Lilica is an expert in Brazilian Culture and fitness.

Our main expertise is the Brazilian culture where we offer classes such as: Capoeira, Samba Dance, Brazilian-Afro Dance, Axé Zumba, Forró, Capoeira percussion, etc. with instructors who hail all the way from Brazil!

We also offer other learning programs like the 1st and 2nd Steps class, where kids aged 2 - 5 will learn the basics of dance, such as: balance, jumping, strength of upper and lower body, memorizing choreos, isolations (i.e how to move different parts of their body like hips, chest, shoulders, etc), and most importantly have lots of fun!!! Our main goal for the students after they have completed our learning program is that he/she will be ready to engage in any genre of dance or martial arts.

So what are you waiting for? Our doors are always open for enquiries! If you'd like to drop in for a trial class or to consult our instructors on which classes are suitable for you or even just to have a look at our gorgeous studio, we welcome you :)