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Bright Scores Academy

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Our Mission

To create a challenging learning environment


Bright Scores Academy (BSA) is a tuition centre located in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. The location of BSA is strategic in the sense of getting public transport, foods availability and etc. The founder of this tuition centre is by a graduate from University Selangor who specialize in Bachelor of Education (TESL). She is currently pursuing he Master in University Malaya. Few qualified Government school teachers had been hired to work together in this center. Therefore, through the enrolment in BSA, we strongly believe that students will gain high improvements in their studies.

BSA stressed much on the quality and also teaching skills from tutors other than basic criteria such as patient, caring, dedicated, motivated and etc. This is to ensure students gain knowledge more effectively. In order to achieve this, tutor’s selection process is carefully screened by viewing every detail such as experience, confidence, capability, ability and so on. Furthermore, BSA also fixes the number of student per class to a maximum of 15. This is to make sure that each student gets the attention from teacher. In that case, learning will be of two ways which is definitely more interesting.

In terms of facilities, BSA provides a study or reading room for the use of students. Through this, students can do some revision or homework before or after class. In case there is any homework that needs consultation, students can ask from available tutors. In addition, all the class rooms are air conditioned. Thus, students can absolutely get a comfortable learning environment.