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CAD Design School

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To explore the world of computer aided design and get a head start in engineering, architecture, interior & product design


Let your child explore the world of computer aided design and get a head start in engineering, architecture, interior & product design, and computer animation.

We train young ones from the age of 8 onwards right up to adults, on Computer Aided Design, using AutoCAD. WE are passionate about this field, and want to impart this knowledge to as many people as possible.

Does your son or daughter have a talent or interest in:
designing? creating? drawing? building objects? 

Are they currently exploring being an
Engineer – Mechanical, Aeronautical, Civil, Chemical 
Architect, Designer – Interior, Home or Product design Computer Animator

Then, this course would be perfect for them.

You don’t have to wait till they are much older - give them a head start now!
Let them develop, build and nurture their talents and interests in a fun way,
while creating a solid stepping stone.