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Cakes N Crafts Academy

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

At Cakes n Crafts Academy, Everyone Can Bake!


Two sisters who started baking and cake decorating at first, and then went on to teaching it to other people.

We are passionate about creating edible works of art for special occasions including weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and corporate events.

We also aim at helping people master the art of baking and cake decorating through our project based and technique lead courses and classes to suit variety of proficiency levels, from those wishing to kick start a career in cakes, to those looking for a fun and enriching day out.

• We only use the freshest premium quality ingredients available to produce a line of fine quality cakes and bakes 
@ Cakes N Crafts: We believe that quality ingredients make quality desserts…

• Our recipes are NOT commercial and have been modified through an extensive process of trials and error to produce cakes that can suit the taste buds of our customers. That is; cakes that are “NOT TOO SWEET’