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Carol Music & Learning Centre

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Developing young children's innate talent by providing fun and interactive, learn by ear and aurally trained activities.


We bring you the ultimate Fun and Play By Ear music courses. Your better choice to start your music & art journey!

Carol Music and Learning Centre is targeting on young children from 2+ years old with fun learning music and art courses in a friendly environment.

We provide Play By Ear and special aural training program for all music courses to nurture and developing quality students from all angle.

Our courses are recognized by well known music exams board such as ABRSM, Trinity, Rock School and many others.

Courses available at our centre: 
1) Piano lesson;
2) Guitar lesson;
3) Violin lesson;
4) Ukulele lesson;
5) Vocal lesson;
6) Art, Art & Craft lesson;