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Cheras Balakong English Learning Centre-Center Photo
Cheras Balakong English Learning Centre

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To Provide The Best Lessons For Our Learners.


We are conducting the lesssons which is more to conversations and communication by grouping with the amount of not more than 15 students. 

在辅导室里我们提供不到15个人的小组交流, 在辅导室里有包括会话与沟通. 

We are offering the special part on English pronunciation which is in 1 to 1 training. 


It's helpful to build the confidence of the students and to make sure that every of the students can be able to pronounce all the English words more accutacy. 


You can to be mastered on this part in an estimation time of 3 to 6 hours. 

在这一部分只需用 3 至 6 个小时就能轻轻松松的把它给掌握. 

Beside that, we have our special programme which is called ELP. 

除了这两点, 我们还提供一个特别的教材ELP. 

This is the environment creation programme. Its kind of the practices and learning by imitation. 

这个教材是提供一个良好的英语环境给我们学习, 而这个教材是给我们透过模仿中学习.