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Eve Academy

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To provide the best educactional options with a focus on the future


EVE Academy School Profile


EVE Academy was established in September 2008 and graduated its first senior class in June 2011.   EVE Academy provides the Wolsey Hall Oxford IGCSE & A Levels plus the K12/Keystone National High School US High School Diploma programme that is customised to suit the student's needs for:    

•   An individualized learning program unique to the student’s needs.

•   Services and support of qualified academic staff.

•   Accreditation from internationally recognized accreditation bodies



EVE Academy’s comprehensive Wolsey Hall Oxford IGCSE & A Levels / Keystone & K12 curriculum covers all core subjects, including English, Maths, Science, Social Studies with more than 50 courses in the core subject areas plus students can choose from 45 elective courses, including computer programming, business courses, six world languages and many more. High school students looking for more challenge can get the extra edge they need by taking Advanced Placement (AP®) for college credits in the US.


EVE Academy Raises the Bar

·         Student placements & interviews at top universities around the world including Harvard, University of California @ Irvine, US; University of Nottingham.

·         Student placements at local tertiary institutions.

·         Entry into undergraduate tertiary level courses such as Biomedical Science, Law, Physiotherapy, Psychology etc.

·         High test scores – EVE students have scored up to 2000 / 2400 in SAT 1 tests; 700 / 800 for SAT Subject Tests & 4/5 for Advance Placement courses.

·         National Society of High School Scholars; Claes Nobel (Nobel Foundation) Membership opportunity.



EVE Academy students typically achieve high Grade Point Average scores as well as attaining high scores in external exams due to the rigorous nature of the curriculum. Consequently, our students have achieved memberships at the prestigious National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) founded by Claes Nobel (Nobel Peace Foundation). Our student, Elijah John Bepono, who graduated with the US High School Diploma in 2011 at sixteen, was interviewed by Harvard University in December 2011. In pursuit of cutting edge research and development, he has now chosen to study Biomedical Sciences at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus; in September 2012.


“Dear Elijah, My name is Nick Khaw and I am one of the interviewers on the panel of interviewers for Harvard College Admissions in Malaysia…..In your case, you studied in a learning academy which was listed as being based in Herndon, Virginia in the United States. To clarify, it is true that no student from Malaysia was given an interview in the sense that no student from a school in Malaysia was given an interview. In your case, your school was listed as being based in Virginia. The Harvard College Admissions views you, therefore, as a Malaysian student applying from a school in the United States, not as a student applying from a school in Malaysia. I hope this clears things up for you. Best, Nicholas Khaw; Khazanah Research and Investment Strategy (KRIS); Khazanah Nasional Berhad” – via email, April 2012.


As another feather in EVE Academy’s cap, Kayleigh Tan gained entry to the prestigious UK, University of Cambridge’s Summer School programme after achieving her NSHSS membership owing to her perfect GPA score of 4.0 in July 2013.   


EVE Academy’s Extra Curricular Advantage

1.       People to People International Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (EVE Colors) Student Chapter

EVE Academy has the great pride and honour to be registered as the People to People International (PTPI)- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (EVE Colors) Student Chapter of the US based Eisenhower foundation. EVE Academy recently won the 2012 PTPI Team Peace Challenge Bronze Award for running the Somali Refugee Education Peer Group Teaching Project with Fugee School run by Miss Malaysia, Deborah Henry since 2010. EVE Academy students earn non-graded credit points for their chapter activities and services that will be incorporated into their High School Diploma. 


2.       EVE Academy - Malaya Model United Nations for Malaysian Schools


EVE Academy has established the Malaya Model United Nations programme. The advantage of being involved in Model United Nations is that students will be trained to research, write and present resolutions etc. Students who participate in the conference will receive the prestigious Model United Nations Conference Participants’ certificate that will enhance their future college / university / scholarship applications.


EVE Academy organised ROTKULMUN in 2012; our inaugural Model United Nations Conference sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur Di Raja for their Interact Club Network. EVE Academy organised Malaya Model United Nations (MMUN) in 2013 for government schools in Wilayah Persekutuan under the auspices of the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the Wilayah Persekutuan State Education Department (JPWP). Both the events were covered by Bernama TV.