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Clazroom Academy

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Our Mission

To be a world-renowned institute in Media Arts


Clazroom Academy is an award winner JPK certificate and Autodesk Authorised training school in Multimedia Media Art. Claz’room established in Year 2009. We pride ourselves on being a hands-on practical training school in many media arts disciplines including 2D illustration, 3D animation and Game Development. After many years in the industry, we know that a great portfolio is often more important than a simple certificate or a diploma. After all, a portfolio is the most convincing way to show your skills and talents to future employers. In most job interviews in this field, an employer wants to see what you can create, your artistic ability and your experiences, and this is where your portfolio comes in. This is why we have created courses that focus on practical training, where students can expect the content of each course to be clear-cut and straight to the point.