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Cozy Kidz House

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Nurture Young Minds through Play and Creativity


Cozy Kidz House is a newly established enrichment centre in Sri Petaling. We provide a cozy and comfortable environment to children to learn and grow. As an enrichment centre, our  we strive to provide a one-stop learning centre to our children in a safe and comfortable environment. With this, children are able to learn and grow in thier own pace and develop confidence and self esteem.


Our Vision:

To be the education centre that best understands the education needs of the children


Our Mission:

  • Committed to our vision to continuous improving the qualities and opportunities in education
  • As a one-stop education centre, we strive to provide quality education opportunities to children and adults.
  • Ensure continuous learning and development among our teachers to serve out student and community better.
  • Create an environment that provides strong bonding between teachers, parents and students.


Our Programme:

1)      Interactive English Programme

2)      Crafty Art

3)      Speech and Drama

4)      After School Tuition for BM and English



Reviews and Ratings

Wilson Kwah
07 Sep 2016
"Zoe started Level 2 of English Interactive Programme when she was in Standard 1 in a Chinese primary school. Throughout the year she has been achieving 100% in her English exam - 1st term, Mid Year and Final Year Exams."
07 Sep 2016
"My daughter Abigail has been in the centre since she was 6 years old. After 3 months in the center, my daughter started to converse in English and recently she has achieved 100% in her English for mid year exams. Thank you teacher in Cozy Kidz House."