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Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Providing life enhancement performance programs using fitness & martial arts to develop positive physical and mental health.


I believe that everyone should experience the joys of a healthy mind and body. I believe that we should feel comfortable and safe at all times. Everyone should know the feeling of a healthy lifestyle and that they can share a healthy body with their loved ones. Don't you feel that you deserve to feel safe, healthy and vibrant? We have a wonderful way to help you achieve these wishes. 

You can achieve total mind and body fitness via our FizFit bodyweight conditioning program (for strength, endurance and cardio), kettlebells workouts (for a more technical and challenging workout), and if you enjoy martial arts, try the Crazy Monkey Defense program where fun classes in a supportive training community empowers you with confidence boost, physical and mental strength and learn functional skills in boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Preservation skills.