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D Skills Academy

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Our Vision is to become the best football edutainment service provider in the world.


Beyond Ordinary Football Program Syllabus

D Skills Academy is the first established premium football skills academy in the world which specializes in teaching football freestyle and dribbling skills.It is founded by Patrick Tee Wen Xiong (ACCA Affiliate; Malaysia Football Freestyle Vice Champion 2014) and Saw Cheng Pheng (Bachelor of Degree in Finance; Malaysia Football Freestyle Champion 2014).

The program of D Skills Academy is totally different with other footbal academies in the market. Normal football academy usually teaches the general ball controlling skills such as stopping, passing, shooting the ball, formation and strategies of football game.In comparison, D Skills Academy only focuses on the technical footwork skills which is called groundmove to dribble pass the opponents and the performing art side of football skills which is also known as freestyle football


It Is All About Skills

Groundmove can effectively enhance the players’ ball controlling skills during the gameplay.  In our program, students will learn effective footwork skills to dribble pass the opponents and apply it on different gameplay scenarios.Football Freestyle is a new, trendy, fast growing and the most exciting sport that is ever created in 21st century while players can actually juggle the ball and perform large variation of technical tricks. In our program, students will learn all the amazing and exciting tricks from scratch.


World Wide Recognition

F3 is the global standards setting body for all the competitions related to football freestyle. Players will be awarded official points after winning in both national and international competitions sanctioned by F3. The official points will then determine the player world ranking. In recent years, F3 had organized a lot of its world tour competitions named WFFC (World Football Freestyle Championship) in countries such as Malaysia, Dubai, London, China and etc. The world top 16 football freestylers will be invited to the world tour and compete on the prestigious world stage.


Program Core Values

To provide the best learning experiences for the students, the founders have spent years on doing researching, benchmarking, appraisal process and consultation with the specialists to develop an ultimate proven success training system in order to master the football skills effectively.When we were designing the program, we focused on three main aspects, which are core values, effectiveness and experiences. We have incorporated core values such as discipline, confidence, teamwork, leadership and planning skills into our programs and games.


Effective Training Method

We believe students can learn more effectively by sighting, listening and practicing at the same time. As a result, we have dissected all the skills in our program into standardized and memorable steps. Hence, the steps will be programmed into the students’ mind while they are watching their coaches demonstrating the tricks. To keep track of the learning curve of students, we have also designed our very own student handbook. It is a training assignment attached with different KPIs for the students to complete at home. Students can also access to all the technical articles related to program in our websites.


We Value Your Learning Experiences With Us

Besides that, we also value our students’ learning experiences with us. Therefore, our friendly coaches will always interact with students during the class. Private consultation and advice can always be sought even after the class through our official Facebook page.The program is reviewed quarterly to ensure the highest quality is attained. We also welcome any feedbacks or suggestions from our students regarding to our programs to ensure they have the best learning experiences with us.