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Dasein Academy of Art

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Our Mission

To continuously fulfill the changing needs of the creative industry


'Dasein'('da : za-in), a connotation derived from German philosophy, has timelessly inspired philosophers, artists, writers, and creative thinkers alike to discover and redefine one's true being and existence.

With that ideal in mind, Dasein Academy of Art was established in 1996 by a team of avid educators and professionals from the art and design industry, Aspired to revive the role of art education from stereotyped qualifications back to the cultivation of individual distinction, a future generation dedicated to the creative and cultural development for personal enrichment was formed.

Throughout the years, Dasein Academy of Art has built a high quality education hub for the arts, where students are trained with the competency to excel in both local and global creative domain.

A quote by Enrich Fromm, "People are born equal, but they are also born different", has since become the academic hallmark of Dasein Academy of Art; whereby the craft of imaginations about training the creative minds of individual talents; for great artist bear the timeless imprint of identity in his or her masterpieces.

Driven by this ingenuity, Dasein believes that the education for art and design is more than just a mere skill or job market-oriented curriculum. After all, it is through the path of creative thinking and aesthetic learning that one discovers the beauty of one's existences; and that, is a fulfillment of a lifetime.