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Dive-Monster Inc.

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

We provide training for dive courses


At Dive-monster, we offer dive courses from beginners to a PADI Divemaster . Using the PADI Education system, which is the biggest diving organization in the world students are provided with the finest training, materials and tools available in diving.

And with the PADI Training Aids Students are ensured the best scuba diving education. Thus, every year thousands of divers are being certified worldwide through PADI. 

Aside from being trained as divers, students are educated to respect the reef and its inhabitants, which is also a part of the PADI concept. This guarantees you more fun and awareness with their new environment.

We also cater to certified diver wanting to explore the underwater world with dive trips around Malaysia and Asia. 

We provide training for the following dive courses:

-PADI Discover Scuba Dive
-PADI Bubblemaker 
-PADI Seal Team
-PADI Jr. Open Water
-PADI Open Water 
-PADI ADvanced Open Water
-PADI Recue Diver
-PADI DIvemaster (PADI Pro)
- PADI Refresher Course