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Dojo Seiken

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Our Mission

To support and nurture the actual practice of Shotokan Karate as created and taught by Funakoshi Gichin O'sensei


What is Seiken Karatenomichi Academy (SKA)?

Tracing its roots to classical Shotokan Karate, the Seiken Karatenomichi Academy is a non-profit organization whose members, regardless of their backgrounds in different types of Karate, have come to share the ideals of an authentic Karate based on what in Japanese is called “Budo Karate”, meaning the "Martial Art of Karate".


SKA Karate Concept

While SKA Karate is based on the original principles of Budo Karate, SKA Karate is thoroughly in tune with the sensibilities of our complex modern lifestyles. SKA Karate is the next step in to Budo Karate without becoming too rigidly constrained by such a classical approach.


SKA Karate Insight

In Budo Karate, via the concept of "Gishin Ichinyo", or "unity of technique and mind" we learn to train and discipline both our mental outlook and physical skills, knowing that if we fail to do so we would be left only with what we might call our instincts. Through the disciplined practice of SKA Karate techniques we become familiar with the spirit necessary to prevail, and we ultimately come to appreciate the significance of the Zen expression that the "Ordinary Mind is the Way". The more we hone our practice, the more compassion we will feel for others, the more we cultivate within ourselves a spirit of giving, and the more fulfillment we will find.


We are dedicated to helping our students attain their goals through the martial arts. We invite you to take the journey of the "Way of Karate" together with us.


Our Services

  • Shotokan Karate
  • Kenjutsu
  • Self-Defence
  • Personal Training
  • Talent Training