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Discover leadership qualities through experiential activities and outdoor challengers.


3D2N Broga Hill Holiday Camp for 9 -12 yo
3天2夜 茅草山假期营,适合 9 - 12 岁

At December's school holiday, let our Broga Hill Challengers Camp creates unforgettable memories for your child. Participants will get to enjoy tons of exciting activities, such as flying fox, wall climbing, kayaking and hiking, while learning to take care of themselves and others along the way. Open to young adventurers from 9 - 12 years old, early bird promotion available!

在十二月即将来临的假期,让茅草山挑战营为孩子带来难忘的回忆。每个人将有机会参与刺激好玩的活动,例如高空滑索、攀岩、泛舟和登山等。而在历险的同时,大家也学会了如何照顾自己和他人。 欢迎9-12岁的小冒险家,早鸟优惠等着您!

1More information 更多资讯: https://goo.gl/Zt3Zyy
2Fun photos of previous campers 以往营会的相簿: https://goo.gl/5Z5SDC
3Video 影片: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwRjwRyE_yc

--- Brief intro of Coaches 领队简介 ---
1. Leong 小梁
Graduated with Honours Degree in Psychology, he is also a certified HRDF trainer and Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP. 
Conducted and involved in over 300 camps, workshops and parenting talk in 5 years, he created <The Leader in U> program so that everyone can be a leader in their life.

以荣誉学士资格毕业与心理学系,同时是受HRDF认证的培训师和国际认证的NLP高级执行师。五年来举办和参与超过300场的生活营、工作坊和亲子讲座,他创办了<小小领袖> 课程,让所有人都可以成为自己生命的领袖。

2. Erin 蓓璇
Graduated with Honours Degree in Psychology, she is a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP who actively involves in NGO to prevent child sexual abuse and work with special children. When dealing with different clients, such experience provide Erin with new perspectives towards education, allowing her to improve teaching and communication styles constantly.


3. June 六月
Graduated with Honours Degree in Psychology, she completed The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People from University of Edinburg and also a certified Neurofeedback trainer. She respect every children and teens as an unique individual, knowing that they deserve chances to reach their potential.