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Enfiniti Academy

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Inspiring Creativity in Everyone


Pursuing a life of creativity is more than just pursuing a life in the arts. Whether our future generation chooses to have a career in law, medicine, engineering or the arts, creative thinking is vital to the development of a well-rounded individual.

At Enfiniti Academy (ENACT), we believe in building personality, confidence and nuturing creative minds, whether or not our students choose a career in performing arts. Studies presented by UNESCO have proven and concluded that student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics becomes enhanced with an education in the arts. A mind with creativity is able to operate in imaginative and innovative ways.

This belief is shared by our dedicated patrons, Ramin Karimloo and Stephen Rahman-Hughes, leading stars of Les Miserables, Phantom Of The Opera and Bombay Dreams in London's West End, who are themselves committed to helping the Malaysian arts industry to grow by supporting arts education.

Our teachers who have extensive hands-on experience in the musical theatre and entertainment industry are dedicated to sharing their experience and knowledge, giving students the rare opportunity to learn from the industry's best practitioners, in a safe space, within the supportive setting of a professional theatre company.

At ENACT, we are absolutely committed to maintaining the highest standards of training in the creative arts. In doing so, we aspire to enhance the performing arts industry and growth of creative thinking in all sectors. By actively training new talent, we aim to give all Malaysians, no matter their background, the chance to explore and develop their own creativity.

Founded by award-winning producer Tiara Jacquelina, ENACT is a division of Enfiniti Vision Media team that brought to life Malaysia's most successful stage musicals including Puteri Gunung Ledang-The Musical and P. Ramlee-The Musical. ENACT is a boutique academy that aims to be an incubator of icons trained in Malaysia, to train local talents to shine on the world's stage.

ENACT offers specialised musical theatre and entertainment arts workshops, as well as affordable weekly drama, dance and vocal classes, all under the guidance of academy director Joanna Bessey, and award-winning actress and theatre director, along with other top industry professionals, celebrities and international stars.