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English Champ

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Combining the methods of teaching with the skills of learning


English Champ was founded under the brandname of Literacy World English Language Centre in 2001 by a team of teachers from Australia. In 2006, Aileen and Christine took over the management and continued the education business catering to children ages four to 17. In 2011, in line with the inception of the new syllabi, the brandname was changed to English Champ. In 2012, programmes for toddlers and pre-kindergarten were introduced in Bandar Utama branch.

English Champ is an English enrichment centre specialising in curriculum for students from the age of two (2) right up to adults.

Our Mission Statement

  • Combining the methods of teaching with the skills of learning

We respect each child’s unique learning styles and hone their skills by developing their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses

Our Objectives

  • To promote language competence i.e. the ability to read, write and communicate effectively withconfidencepurpose and enjoyment

Once a child enjoys doing what he or she does, learning becomes natural. From here, we will guide the child to gain confidence in reading, writing and communicating.

Many activities are included in our programme to achieve the objectives. These activities focus on the development of all four skills of the language – speaking, listening, reading and writing.



1. International and up-to-date materials.

Our R&D team consistently updates the materials and incorporate the latest topics into our lessons. This is especially important so that our next generation are aware of the current issues happening around the world to teach them to understand the cause and effect of one’s decisions/actions. Through these materials, we shape the mind of our future generation.

2. Dedicated and friendly teachers.

A positive attitude in a parent/guardian/teacher makes a world of difference in your child’s life. With a dedicated mentor, your child continues to strive for greater heights and would never give up on himself as long as the teacher continues reaching out to him. Such precious relationship between a teacher and your child will create a fun and loving learning environment which will in turn help increase his/her learning ability.

3. Free library access.

We have over 1,500 titles in our library consisting of books for age one onwards – Dora series, Scholastic books, Spot series, for pre-schoolers; books written by story-telling masters including all-time favourites Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, JK Rowlings, to literature works of Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens and many more. To inculcate the love for reading in our students, we encourage them to borrow books home each week for their reading pleasure.

4. Clean and safe environment.

We have age-appropriate furniture, materials and toys for the pre-schoolers as well as clean facilities including waiting area, pantry, toilets. Our wooden flooring is suitable for children with medical conditions e.g. allergies, sensitive skin.