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FaceArt Academy of Makeup Artistry

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

We are the only FaceArt inc certified comprehensive art program for the training of makeup artists in the entire Malaysia.


FaceArt® Academy of Makeup Artistry, founded in 2006, is the only- FaceArt inc certified comprehensive art program for the training of makeup artists in the entire Malaysia. Located in the heart of downtown Kuala Lumpur, the School is dedicated to the art of makeup and its many facets. The School is now an approved sponsor for many mass media.

Classroom sizes are kept to a minimum for optimal learning. FaceArt® is the premier makeup training school in the region, offering extensive hands-on studio time required to perfect techniques. Students will learn by applying, not just listening, and will have the opportunity to build and replenish their makeup artist kit from high-quality, student have opportunities to take internship and job offered by our academy.


Each of the School's instructors is a professional, working in the industry of their craft. The instructors include artists from productions, celebrities makeup, opera stage performance, board-certified dermatologists, photographers, and media makeup artists. The instructors' first-hand, professional knowledge of their industry is passed directly on to the students. 



  • Beauty Guru for variety make-up and skin care brand
  • Beauty Trainer for international make-up brands ; revlon 
  • In Advertising and media make-up industry for more than 8years 
  • Successful V-logger, showcasing free make-up tutorials in all chain beauty store
  • Speaker for blogger events, make up workshop and training 
  • Manage research and development for new cosmetic in the asia market. 
  • Judges for numerous Make up competition for COSMO BEAUTE in PWTC 
  • Writes beauty report, reviews and analysis for new product, and existing cosmetic in the industry 
  • Involves in the media exposure, interviews and photo shoot for magazine



  • MIA (Malaysia Institute Of Art) Fashion Design 
  • MIA (Malaysia Institute Of Art) Textile & Batik 
  • MIA (Malaysia Institute Of Art) Jewelery Design Making
  • MIA (Malaysia Institute Of Art) Photography
  • OPI nail system & Spa
  • Diploma KOSE Beaute Aesthetic  
  • Diploma Professional Bridal Makeup 
  • Diploma Professional Media & Commercial Makeup
  • Degree Professional Artistry & Character Special Effect Makeup
  • F.A.C.E.S Natural Beauty Taiwan inc makeup seminar
  • F.A.C.E.S Hard shading and stage Jakarta inc makeup seminar
  • F.A.C.E.S Backstage and photography Australia inc makeup seminar
  • MAC Pro Master class 
  • Cinema Secrets Master Foundation Technique seminar
  • Awards : 2004 Youngest Diva Makeup Artist 
  • Awards : 2005 PRO MAC top5 finalist 
  • Awards : 2006/2007 Grand Microsoft Tech-ED face painting 
  • Awards : 2007 GLITTERS grand nail art champions
  • Awards : 2008 Models Magazine makeup artist of the year



  • Revlon cosmetics blogger event 
  • Silkygirl make up workshop
  • Avene skin care make up event 
  • Makeup classes / demos for cosmetic workshop 
  • Corporate company make up class for ; standard & chartered bank 
  • Corporate company make up training for ; shangri la hotel putrajaya and san francisco coffee 



Reviews and Ratings

Amanda Ng
03 Jul 2015
"in faceart2u i have become from a zero make up to a knowledgeable make up ..... with a passion teaching from berry.... we learn not just skill but the passion as well."