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Fun and Joy Learning Centre-Center Photo
Fun and Joy Learning Centre

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

An Effective Learning Paradise For Your Children...With Fun, Joy and Love


Our Philosophy: 
1) Harmonising both right and left brain development to achieve full brain synergy at early childhood stage
2) Non-academic, stress free and love-based learning environment
3) Each child is unique, therefore assessment is made on the basis of individual development instead of age

Our Programmes:

●Whole Brain Programme
●Thematic Approaches
●Photographic Memory Training & Memory Games
●Gross Motor Skill Activities & Exercise
●Numeracy & Concept Learning Skill
●Imagination & Observation Training
●Speed Reading Programme
●Art & Craft & Drama Class

Our centre offers:

●Conducive Learning Platform
●Fun & Interesting Learning Tools
●Spacious Gym Room
●Free, relax and spacious environment for learning and playing
●Micro observation and focus on individual personal development
●Childproof toys and stationery
●Safe and hygenic environment for children