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Fun & Unique Academy

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To develop musical intelligence towards building confidence and mind inspiration


Music uses both sides of the Brain and is one of the multiple intelligences. Music makes it valuable in all areas of a child’s development.

ModerMusic (Developing Musical Intelligence) education system aims to develop musical intelligence towards building confidence and mind inspiration.

The eight (8) music mastery: (1) instrumental appreciation, (2) rhythmic and percussion studies, (3) melodic and keyboard awareness, (4) improvisation and composition skills, (5) solfège singing, (6) dance and theatrical movement, (7) theoretical studies and (8) stage presentation. This unique programme inspires your mind to become a versatile musician. A versatile musician can plays any sections of modern music spontaneously. For e.g. keyboard, violin, piano, drum, electric & bass guitar. Hence, it builds an essential foundation for your child before learning piano, violin or other musical instruments. This programme is based on team work within a group as a music band or orchestra. 

Examination board: 
(1) Australian Guild Music & Speech Examination Board (
(2) TRINITY College London

3-in-1 Art Class includes:-
(a) Art/Painting
(b) Clay
(c) Craft

Blocks Building:-
(a) Beginner (below 100 pcs)
(b) Intermediate (below 500 pcs)
(c) Expert (above 500 pcs)