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Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Children training program


What is GENIOart?

Cultivation of Children's Creativity with Inherent Intelligence Tapping

To advance art education through Brain-base Learning Method
Develop children's intelligence, inquisitive & innovative skills and domain development
Train children to create images to communicate and express themselves freely, tackle their studies and deliver solution. 

GenioArt and the Relationships to each Domains Development

Social Development - The child's identity, their relationship with others and understanding their place within a social environment.
Cognitive Development - Individual thinking and reaction.
Emotional Development - Children's awareness and control of feelings and his reaction in a given situation.
Perception & Sensory Development - How a child functions using the senses and the ability to process the information gained.
Communication/Language Development - Using visual and sounds stimuli, especially in the acquisition of language as well as in the exchange of thoughts and feelings.
Physical Development - The physical growth and development of both gross (walking) and fine motor (drawing) cutting. 

Visual Levels

Programme begins with "Play2Learn" which will lead to motor coordination skills training, brain and and coordination skills, especially concerning the physical growth and the development of both gross, fine motor and social development for children three to four years old.

Next is the Foundation whereby a child functions using the senses and the ability to process information gained. AVS helps to trigger children's creativity from his subconscious mind and boosts his imagination to lead him to a more innovative skill. Realisation of forms and shapes will come about and it uses visual and sound stimuli to boost his sensory in exchange of thoughts and feelings.

Learn to Draw is whereby children will learn and achieve a drawing skill by understanding the method of building images from a dot, line and plane, where senses of perception and sensory, communication, and cognition is developed.

GenioArt Focus and Analysis

For Parents:

A channel to communicate between parent and child. For parents to realise the temperamental character and inner self of their child. To learn to read his mood, worries and emotions, and thus helping him to tackle problems that have been bothering him.
A platform to understand the child, to break the code, otherwise the parent may not be able to realise the child's talents, intelligence and capabilities. The parent should let their child be able to express freely in order to gain full understanding of their needs.
Drawings of the child are to be used as an assessment to help parents understand children's concern and issues that they are otherwise unable to express verbally. 

For students:

Enable him to think and visualize through pictures.
Enable him to deliver his messages and communicate to others using images and colours.
Enhance observation skills
Stimulate independent thinking
Nurture creativity
Solve problems with different perspectives, enhance left and right brain coordination, and increases hand-eye-brain synchronization visual spatial. 

As Parents, Teachers, Principals and Friends, we highly recommend GenioArt to you without hesitation.