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Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia

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Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia is a strong technical and project advantage, it will need in the process of actual production technology and experience into training lesson plans, use the collaborative work of case teaching method, provide professional and authoritative CG training for students. 

Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia teaching all course education by a professional experience designer and art director as an instructor.Lecturers have more than 5 years of experience and rich teaching experience, keen on CG education field, in many textbooks, most of them are CG famous experts of the industry, and to the society with a large number of successful cases to provide professional animation training, more committed to creating animation talent in Malaysia, to ensure the quality of teaching for the training of basic foothold."The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection" is our goal. 

Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia is the game industry in Malaysia, teaching, research and development of seamless connection model company, at present cooperation with several local game company.Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia has become a Malaysian CG training industry flagship institutions and leading brand. Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia teaching Digital Animation Education, Creative Education and how to carry out comprehensive design teaching, scientific research, industrial development, aspects such as teaching materials published business, USES the international standardization of animation industry management mode for the domestic animation industry create excellent games, animation talent, Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia provide an excellent digital animation production personnel and the teaching faculty, become one of the largest animation industry base in the industry. 

1. By cultivating the students' games and animation production ability, make every student can make a meet the requirements of the enterprise, and is being built into the innovation ability of students; 

2. With the many related industries companies set up personnel training agreement, these units including advertising companies, film and television animation, game company, animation company, etc.; 

3. Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia game base with strict monitoring work, work to reach the level of the industry participants should from related subjects, can get the graduation certificate.

Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia创立于2009年,针对国内大量紧缺的游戏人才,推出的又一个游戏人才职业教育项目,这也是我国首个系统化、专业化培养游戏人才的职业教育项目,游戏基地讲师全部是一线游戏企业资深游戏制作人,都有着5-10年游戏制作经验。学员们经过12个月的系统学习,能够成为合格的3D游戏美术、游戏原画、像素美术、游戏策划等。

Giochitech Education Centre Malaysia的教学方式完全针对商业化开发与制作模式,进行培养高质量的就业精英人才,实训体系的建立标志着游戏基地与游戏企业用人单位的直接挂钩,学员在游戏基地学习游戏开发后有机会在游戏企业进行企业实训,真切的体会实际游戏企业的开发制作与团队协作,(制作能力+制作经验)才能使得学员得到公司认可,满足企业要求,游戏基地不是教纲式传统培训,更加强调的是实际的制作能力培养游戏基地与国内多家大型游戏公司、动漫影视公司进行长期的学员就业推荐合作并于意大利,澳大利亚,韩国公司取得人才推荐的合作关系,成为动漫游戏职业教育最专业的权威机构,为游戏业培养更多高端的就业人才。